my name is piera moore (b. 1997) and i am a visual artist, art director and set designer from the beautiful city of atlanta, georgia with a bachelor’s degree in studio art from spelman college. atlanta’s culture has influenced my creative identity significantly, from the soul shaking yet harmonious melodies of a zaytoven production playing in cars passing by to the glistening of extra (wet) lemon pepper sauce on a 10 piece chicken wing combo, this city has truly molded who i am as a creative and a citizen of the universe. i experiment with different materials and mediums. i work primarily with 120mm and 35mm film, acrylic paint on canvas, micron pens, prisma and copic markers, and video media. i am inspired by concepts of metaphysics and spirituality, black reality and atlanta's culture, cinematography, and relationships amongst the human senses. i see nothing but art, and consider myself a spectator and participating artist in the exhibition of life.